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Chad Hammed, Ph.D, Asst.. Superintendent /CBO, Fullerton School District 

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Alvarez and Associates.  I have had the pleasure of working with Alvarez and Associates for the past 10 years when a Human Resources colleague first recommenced them to me.  I have found Alvarez and Associates to be professional, timely, responsive, and thorough.

I have used Alvarez and Associates to handle a number of difficult and sensitive employee misconduct cases.  In each case they have been responsive and are able to begin investigating very quickly as they recognize that interviewing soon after the incident is crucial.  Alvarez and Associates maintains excellent communication throughout the investigation and provides frequent updates.  Additionally, the completed investigative report is very thorough and provides solid documentation for the next steps in the employee progressive discipline process.  Alvarez and Associates also understands public agency budgets and the need to maintain costs; as a result, they are in constant communication with their clients and seek to find ways to bring investigations to a close once sufficient information has been gathered in order to keep costs to a minimum.

Alvarez and Associates utilizes highly experienced and professional personnel to conduct investigation for all of their cases.  Whether the case involves employee misconduct, sexual harassment, or a Title IX issue, Alvarez and Associates has an experienced investigator in the area of the specific allegations that will investigate the matter with sensitivity, expertise, and confidentiality.  Employees who interact with Alvarez and Associates investigators feel respected, heard, and comfortable.  Even in the most difficult and delicate cases, Alvarez and Associates is able to gather the essential information and deliver that information in a format that is understandable for the employer and employee.

Human Resources administrators face two major struggles when it comes to investigating employee misconduct cases: time and proper investigation processes.  I have found Alvarez and Associates to be a very competent and professional firm that is able to save time and provide an accurate, properly executed investigation.  Finding and utilizing the services of Alvarez and Associates has proven to be a great addition to our Human Resources Department and our District.

I recommend Alvarez and Associates without reservation for Human Resources related investigations into employee misconduct, sexual harassment, and/or Title IX issues.  If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at (714) 447-7450.

Ty Richmond

President Security Systems & Technology & National Accounts at Universal Services of America

"Dan Alvarez has been a professional colleague for over 20 years.  During this time, I have seen his work product and professional capabilities in a wide range of initiatives; from investigations to risk assessments and all the way to operating as contract security executive for companies in various markets and/or sectors.  Dan's combination of law enforcement experience, corporate security and basic private sector risk management have proven to be a strong combination that make him a valuable asset in any area where expertise and counsel are needed."

Frank DeVito, SVP, Operations & Strategic Services, CAPS Payroll

"Dan is the consummate professional; he's driven, dedicated and consistently gives 110%.  Dan is the type of person you're glad to know and hope to work with on a regular basis."

Larry Sullivan, Vice President, Supply Chain Services at Southern Wine & Spirits

"Southern Wine & Spirits has engaged Dan for investigations and witness interviews in connection with malfeasance many times over the past seventeen years.  In each instance, Dan and his team have identified and interviewed witnesses who possessed highly relevant information concerning the case.

Dan also has a substantial background or knowledge base n the applicable law, which has enabled him to hit the ground running, ask the right questions, and accurately and concisely relate the results of his investigative efforts in each instance.

Dan has always communicated effectively with me and my colleagues concerning the budget level for each stage of his investigations and has operated within the agreed-upon budget.  In short, Dan has consistently provided excellent and cost effective service, and I unqualifiedly recommend him."

Camille Boden, Director/Risk Management Santa Ana Unified School District

"Investigating employee complaints is a sensitive, timely, consuming responsibility.  Before we were confronted with the sensitive task of performing numerous investigations.  Now with the professional services provided by Alvarez & Associates, we have the expertise required to provide for fair and accurate reports.  Alvarez & Associates has allowed our District to be proactive and hopefully curtail litigation."